This week ~ Forecast of rain

This week began with a forecast for rain! Coming from ex tropical cyclone Trevor. I think it was probably before Christmas the last time we had a decent amount of rain. But sadly not enough to break the drought. It has been the topic of conversation amongst locals and some people aren’t very optimistic about the forecast for rain. They say “I will only believe it when I see it”. Or some people who are more hopeful will say “ It has to rain one day” and “any rain is better than no rain”. It can be hard to be optimistic sometimes especially when there hasn’t been any decent amounts of rain in so long. When rain is forecast it seems to start with a high chance and as the days go on it will fizzle out to nothing. Saying that, today is Thursday and there is still ten to twenty millilitres predicted for tomorrow. Fingers crossed! I hope I can say in my next blog there has been twenty millilitres of rain and if it doesn’t rain, at least the weather has been pleasantly cooler.

Over the past weeks I have decided to try a pescatarian diet (A vegetarian who eats seafood) I seemed to always get bloated easily and wanted to try something different with my diet. I have been very experimental with meals this week trying some new dishes such as.

• cauliflower mac and cheese

• vegetarian nachos

• chickpea curry

• seafood pad Thai

This week I received my daughters British passport in the mail, I just have to apply for her Australian passport now. It definitely makes life easier if you have dual citizenship. Speaking of Britain, their has been lots of talk about Brexit on the news and on social media this week and seeing the protests in London on the news seems like a lot of people are against leaving. My partner is British and he believes Britain should stay in the European Union.

I have been trying to do more walking this week, as it helps my mental health. I had been finding it difficult over the summer months as I became trapped inside with my infant daughter trying to escape the forty plus degree heat. There is just not much to do outside when temperatures are that hot! I live in a rural town and there is not a lot of options for activities or shopping. It is about a two and a half  hour drive to the nearest city that has a shopping mall. When my partner first came to my home town he thought it was so strange that we would drive that far to go shopping. Some locations it would only take you a couple of hours to cross the breadth of England.

Thanks for reading


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