Fraser Island, Australia

Some of my favourite pictures taken at Fraser Island  
Wild Dingo

This picture of a wild Dingo I took just outside Happy Valley Campsite on the Eastern side of Fraser Island it is one of my favourites. I was so excited because I had been to Fraser Island before and had not seen a Dingo and this felt like the perfect photo opportunity. I like that the dingo seems to be looking at her reflection in the puddle(pretty sure it was a female)and how well that she blends in with the colours of the sand.

Lake Boomanjin

This is Lake Boomanjin it is a perched lake on Fraser Island it doesn’t seem to attract the people like Lake McKenzie which is good if you do not like crowds. The water is discoloured by the tannin from the surrounding tea trees. It kind of makes you feel like your swimming in a giant cup of cold tea!

Indian Head

Indian Head is the most Easternly point on Fraser Island.

p.s If you look closely towards the bottom of Indian Head you can see a person in a white shirt fishing off the rocks.

S.S. Maheno

The wreck of S.S. Maheno can be seen on the Eastern side of Fraser Island I took this picture whilst driving past though we did stop and I was able to get some cool rusty close up shots.


A lovely spot of fishing at Indian Head!


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